In our effort to provide our clients the most comprehensive property tax representation possible, we:
checkbox File required inventories and returns with assessing officials for both real and personal property.
checkbox Inspect property for physical characteristics which affect value.
checkbox Determine qualification for tax abatement, tax deferment, or exemption.
checkbox Analyze financial data for each property to determine the proper assessment.
checkbox Examine assessment records for accuracy.
checkbox Meet with assessing officials for the purpose of negotiating the most favorable assessment..
checkbox Challenge assessments before administrative review boards.
checkbox Assist legal counsel when assessments are appealed to the courts.
checkbox Represent clients during property tax audits.
checkbox Develop tax estimates for budgets.
checkbox Calculate tax prorations for acquisitions and/or dispositions.
checkbox Secure, review, and approve tax bills.
checkbox Remit to taxing authorities payment for approved tax statements.
checkbox Audit landlord tax billings involving leased locations.
checkbox Report changes, projections, and/or forecasts in the area of property taxes.
checkbox Monitor federal, state, and local laws as well as current issues which impact property taxes.
checkbox Prepare a detailed tax analysis for all property at the conclusion of each tax year.